Mind Wars: Avoiding Deception in an Age of Manipulation


We wouldn’t dream of sending a soldier into battle without essential gear: body armor, a weapon, and knowledge of the enemy’s motives, strategies, and weaknesses. Yet, many parents today unknowingly send their children into the psychological battlefields of daily life—where they face a barrage of deceptions from academia, social media, politicians, peers, and beyond—without equipping them with the necessary defenses to survive and excel.

Worse still, while their children frequently become casualties in today’s mind wars, these parents remain oblivious to the very existence of these conflicts. For the parent eager to uphold truth in a world rife with deceptions, Mind Wars acts as both a cautionary guide and a strategic manual. It reveals the covert tactics wielded by those in power to manipulate public opinion and outlines methods for developing enhanced critical thinking skills to resist these insidious influences.

This book is more than a mere story—it’s an insightful journey into the depths of the mind, challenging you to see and fight the invisible forces shaping our reality.

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