Demand for UT Fits All Scholarships Likely to Outpace Supply

Parents want choices for their child’s education.

And Arizona and Iowa are strong evidence in support of this statement. 

What Other States Have Seen

In Arizona, nearly half of education choice program users are coming from public schools. In August 2022, it was closer to 25 percent. And there are almost 50,000 students enrolled to use the program.

In Iowa, they only planned for 14,000 students to use the program. Within ten days of the application process opening, there were already over 15,000 students signed up. This trend is likely to continue around the country.

After years of debate, Iowa passed a statewide education savings account program.

What This means for Utah Fits All

Currently the Utah Fits All Scholarship only serves about 5,000 students. There are nearly 30,000 students in private schools and programs like My Tech High and Harmony. Many of those families are likely to apply for the scholarship. This doesn’t even include families who had never considered alternatives to the public system, but now are because of this funding.

The number of applications for the Utah Fits All Scholarship will likely blow past the 5,000 scholarships available. While that might be frustrating to families as this program launches, it will send a strong message that these types of programs are what many families need to create the best education for their child.