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Libertas Institute Statement on the Bigamy Lawsuit Decision

Salt Lake City, UT (December 13, 2013) — Libertas Institute President Connor Boyack released the following statement on Judge Waddoups’ ruling regarding the Kody Brown lawsuit over Utah’s bigamy law:

“We welcome this ruling as another step in the direction of individual liberty,” said Boyack. “Consenting adults should not be punished by the state for peacefully living in a way that others may disagree with.”

“With rare exceptions like Kody Brown and his wives, most polygamists throughout Utah have been living under a shroud of secrecy, forced into the shadows because the government has historically considered their lifestyle to be criminal activity. Today marks a new beginning, and an important invalidation of an unjust law.”

“While child brides, abuse, and other problematic activities should be dealt with and appropriately prosecuted, consenting adults in a plural relationship should not be threatened with punitive action. Judge Waddoups’ ruling will help integrate these communities into society so that when abuse does occur, it will be more willingly reported and investigated.”

Earlier this year, Libertas Institute conducted a lengthy interview with Joe Darger, another well-known polygamist in Utah. He expressed hope for decriminalizing his lifestyle: “I have no doubt that we will win. I have never thought of this as a sprint—it’s a marathon.” Read the rest here.