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Utah Mothers Beginning a Fight for Medical Marijuana

Salt Lake City, UT (August 26, 2013) — In an exclusive interview with Libertas Institute, a Utah mother discusses her son’s severe seizures and how he is being denied one medical option that may help. Having tried 25 other treatments prescribed by doctors, Jennifer May now wants to try medical marijuana.

Recently, a CNN story went viral highlighting a Colorado girl named Charlotte who had strong seizures many times daily, and after other options were exhausted, was given cannabis as a treatment. She immediately responded, and went from hundreds of seizures daily to only one per week.

May’s son, Stockton, has the same syndrome. A self-described “conservative Mormon mom,” she has long opposed legalizing marijuana. But her personal experience changed her views, and she thinks others should have the same change of heart. “I think if Utahns were really educated and could see what I see, they would change their minds,” she says.

In her interview, May makes clear that cannabis is a legitimate and beneficial medical option that has the potential to change her son’s life. Cannabis “is bringing new hope to families with kids like Stockton,” she says, “but it’s not an option for us living in Utah, nor is it an option in many other states, because it’s illegal.”

May, and many moms in her situation, are taking beginning steps to change the law and allow their children, under a doctor’s prescription, to seek the one medical treatment that they are currently unable to try in Utah.

Read her interview here.