Libertas Institute welcomes article submissions from academics and activists alike which help advance its mission and relate to once of its Centers. Submissions must adhere to the following standards:

  • Articles must be a minimum of 500 words. There is no maximum length.
  • Please let us know whether or not your submissions has been previously published elsewhere, even if on your personal blog. We prefer them to be original, but we will publish exceptional pieces even if not original to Libertas Institute.
  • The tone and content of articles may certainly be firm and confrontational, but also civil and fair. Keep it about the policy, and not the person.
  • Please make sure your submissions are carefully checked for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • All submissions become property of Libertas Institute, licensed under our Creative Commons License. The Institute may reprint articles in educational publications and for other educational purposes. Appropriate citations will be given to the article’s author.
  • Please ensure that submissions are data-driven, persuasive, and that they contain action items of what can or should be done to support or oppose the issue being referenced. Opinions are okay, but we are mainly interested in articles of an academic-oriented style.
  • Always link to sources. Always! If you make a statement that isn’t common knowledge, especially when citing statistics or historical events, you must back it up with a link.
  • Along with your article, send a brief biography one small paragraph in length.
  • Please title your submission. Note that we may decide to change it before publishing.
  • If your submission is rejected, please still send us articles in the future. Acceptance depends on a variety of factors, including timeliness, style, and any number of editorial requirements of the moment that may not necessarily reflect on your writing ability.

We look forward to your contributions!

Prior to writing your article, consider submitting a proposal using the following form to see if we are interested in publishing what you have to say. If your article is already written, send it (along with your title and biography) to